Braindump from NAFA Meeting – The Mindful Waiting & Leaning Into Openness

Michele Greco gave the talk at the NAFA meeting on Friday November 8th.

The title of the talk was “The Mindful Waiting & Leaning into Openness”. It was a very powerful talk that spoke directly to the pain and fear of families who are in the waiting process for Adoption.

It was all very great and fresh material, presented in a very fun and honest way.

She even read to us from a Children’s book telling parables and was able to make it relate to the patience and perseverance required for the Adoption process.

The highlight of the evening was a visualization exercise where she took the entire room down to an almost hypnotic/deep state level and we actually visualized what it would be like when we had our child.

This was a very powerful experience that we immediately captured on paper as soon as it was done. We then discussed our thoughts and made those feelings real.

Michele is a fun speaker who used her own adoption experience as a springboard for discussion with the group. If you have a chance to participate in the “Mindful Waiting & Leaning Into Openness” talk from Michele, I highly recommend it.

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