August 7, 2015

Resources For You

Here is a list of Resources to assist you with your Journey:



For 127 years, we’ve been helping Oregon’s children. They find children permanent homes through adoption and provide temporary safe places to stay through shelters and foster homes. Our entire Adoption process was handled by Boys And Girls Aid.


Oregon Adoption Resource Exchange (OARE) is committed to helping Oregon children stay in Oregon. They provide the essential tools and resources that connect state caseworkers with Oregon families who are ready to adopt. They make it easy for caseworkers and local families like you.


NAFA is a non-profit, all volunteer, support group for adoptive families and those interested in adoption. NAFA is actively involved in education, advocacy, and support for its nearly four hundred member families located throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.


Adoption Mosaic strives to provide innovative resources and support to members of the adoption constellation and the greater adoption community.

My Personal Reading Recommendations:

In On It

This is a guide for Relatives and Friends when it comes to Adoption.

20 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Parents Knew

This is a very eye-opening book from the perspective of an Adopted child.

Adoption Is A Family Affair

More extended family advice when it comes to talking about Adoption.

Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today’s Parents

Attachment Instructions from a Pro.

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